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Dr. Tom Sadeghi | 7 Top Jobs in Aviation.

Whether you want to spend your time moving from one place to another, or you’re simply fascinated with the mechanics of aviation there are aviation programs that will let you fulfill that dream. Currently there are shortages of pilots and mechanics in aviation sectors globally creating many openings in these areas. However these aren’t just the only offerings from the aviation, there are aviation programmes that will allow you to explore many other opportunities that cater uniquely to your interests and talents. Here are the top seven jobs that the aviation industry offers us;


This is the coolest profile you can hold in the aviation industry travelling and ferrying people from one place to another. Also the perk of having an office with a view is too salivating not to pursue a career as a pilot. There is a constant demand of pilots and the financial rewards of an established pilot is mouthwatering.


If you have a knack of knowing what make things work this is the right profile for you. As technicians are required to evaluate flight data diagnose problems repair and replace components as needed, and inspect completed work.


Who said the sky was an open highway, in fact it can get busier than your streets at times and to keep it clear from any disaster comes in the air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers coordinate air traffic by issuing landing and takeoff instructions. They also provide other essential information to the pilots from runway closures to weather updates, an air traffic controller is required to understand everything going on in their sphere of control.


To be qualified for this role aspirants are required to hold a bachelors degree in aviation management from an esteemed institute offering aviation programmes in various degrees. In this role the personnel is expected to make sure that your airport or airline is meeting all rules and regulations, oversee hiring, and maintain overall efficiency within your company.


As the profile sounds, this inspector is responsible for overseeing the operation of aircraft, which is one of the two roles an inspector holds. The other who specialize in air worthiness evaluate mechanics, repair facilities, and training programs for mechanics. Applicants should have previous experience as a pilot, navigator, repairman, or other aviation professionals.


If you are an experienced pilot and have amassed a great deal of time in the air can become an instructor in institutes where professional flight training is offered as an aviation program. Unlike regular pilots with a cramped up schedule, instructors enjoy a flexible schedule.


It’s an ideal career choice who loves the skies or want to taste the profession with a minimal educational commitment. As this is one of those jobs that don’t require a degree. The greatest draw of this profession is the opportunity to travel.
The SAA is a premier establishment in nurturing aviation professional who can efficiently deliver in all situations and display professionalism. We at SAA stay ahead of time to cope with the developments taking place in the civil aviation industry.

Dr.Tom Sadeghi is the best Aerospace Consultant for more information or Updates follow his blogs.

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