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Dr. Tom Sadeghi

Dr Tom Sadeghi has worked in various aerospace electronics at different posts like as an R&D Engineer in the Fairchild Republic, as Manager of advance flight control at General Electric Aircraft Control Systems, as program Manager for X33 at Lockheed Martin X33 spacecraft.

Dr. Tom Sadeghi | Top 5 Developments in Aviation

The history of aviation is not only interesting but very important too, and there are several key events and developments that plot our path to commercial flight. The Concorde Although it ultimately proved an inefficient loss leader The Concorde is an important feature in aviation history. The first commercial supersonic mode of transport could travel…

Dr. Tom Sadeghi | 7 Top Jobs in Aviation.

Whether you want to spend your time moving from one place to another, or you’re simply fascinated with the mechanics of aviation there are aviation programs that will let you fulfill that dream. Currently there are shortages of pilots and mechanics in aviation sectors globally creating many openings in these areas. However these aren’t just…

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