Dr. Tom Sadeghi, Massachusetts | Career In Aviation – What You Need To Know

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Commercial Pilot? There’s always a need for qualified commercial pilots and it can be a fun and rewarding career. The first step in becoming a commercial pilot is obtaining your Private Pilot’s Certificate. This can be done at your local airport. There are many flight schools that offer flight training. It’s best to do an internet search or visit your local airport and see what flight schools exist. They can give you a breakdown of the cost to obtain your certificate.

To become a Private Pilot the basic requirements are you must be at least 17 years old, you must pass a written and practical (flight test). You’ll also need to pass a medical exam and hold at least a third class medical certificate. Later, you will need to earn a second class medical certificate to obtain your commercial certificate. In terms of flight training, to receive your Private Pilot Certificate you’ll need a minimum of 40 hours total time of flight training. Usually your flight training is done in a Cessna 172, which is a four seat aircraft. These planes have long been the choice of flight training because of their stable flight characteristics and ease of learning to operate.

Once you complete your training and pass your tests, you’re free to fly with friends, go on trips and share expenses of fuel, but you can’t be paid to fly yet. This is the time that most aspiring build flight time by doing as much flying as they can. The next step is to obtain your Instrument Rating. This rating will allow you to fly in the clouds without outside visual references. This is not absolutely necessary to obtain your Commercial Pilot Certificate but is required if you want to fly with airlines or most other air carriers. The instrument rating is special training to teach you to fly by only using the flight instruments in the plane.

To become a Commercial Pilot you’ll need to have your Private Pilot’s Certificate, be at least 18 years old and have at least 250 hours of total flight time. You’ll need additional training from an instructor and to pass another written and flight test. Once you get this license you can now be paid for certain types of flying, like banner towing, agricultural flying and aerial photography, but you still aren’t able to fly as a flight crew member for an airline. To do this, you need to build up a lot more flight time; typically 1500 hours. You can build up time by becoming a flight instructor, which requires more training and certifications.

Once you have the hours needed, you’ll need to obtain your Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP) and a first class medical certificate. The ATP is what allows you to work as a flight crew member in scheduled airline operations. You must also be at least 23 years old, read, write and speak English and be of good moral character. So becoming a Commercial Pilot is hard work and takes dedication, but once you reach your goals the possibilities for flying jobs is endless. You can be a charter pilot, airline pilot, tour pilot and more.

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