Dr. Tom Sadeghi, Massachusetts | Worked for a vast 30 years in the aviation sector

Due to the constant changes in the Aviation sector, the need for an aviation consultant is felt. Experts are needed to resolve the issues present in the aviation sector. A god aviation consultant should have experience of many years working in the sector. Tom Sadeghi is one of the best aviation consultants who have a doctorate degree in computer and electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Tom Sadeghi, Massachusetts, has seven years of academic experience in addition to 18 years of working for aerospace defense industries. 

Dr. Tom Sadeghi has spent most of his life in New York, and very recently, he has moved to Boston, where he intends to serve the aviation sector with his experience and expertise. Dr. Tom has worked for a vast 30 years in the aviation sector in States. Initially, he worked as a computer and control engineer and later on proceeded as a manager of flight control. 

Dr. Tom Sadeghi has worked in many posts like R&D Engineer in the Fairchild Republic, program manager for X33, Manager of advance flight control, etc. Tom Sadeghi has also worked for many companies like Garrett Engine, MacDonald-Douglas, Boeing Military, and Commercial and ARINC. 

Tahmouress Sadeghi was a technical head in First Air Force, where he contributed to the development of Area Cruise Missile under his First Air Force Initiative. The First Air Force Initiative started a year after the 9/11 attack, and few days after the attack, the Area Cruise Missile Defense was deployed. Since then, Tom Sadeghi has served as technical lead in First Air Force. Along with his colleagues, he worked in the transformation of the ACMD system into Air defense systems (IADS). Keeping the needs of his clients’ minds, Tom Sadeghi provides his services. He is one of the best aviation consultants in the sector. After taking the assessment of the case, Dr. Tom plans and performs accordingly so that he can serve his company in a better way. 

For More Information or services contact Dr. Tom Sadeghi.
Website:- https://tomsadeghi.wordpress.com





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